Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

Unsolicited Advice to GMA

Posted by geronimonadal on September 18, 2007

I pity the President. After all these years of trying to recover from the Garci scandal and trying hard to keep the Philippines on track in its economic development and just when she is about to surmount the last remaining political challenges, Mike Arroyo spoils it all. I posit that the single biggest destabilizer of this government is Mike Arroyo and because he is the husband of the President, he pulls the President down with him. Mike is the cause of a lot of PGMA’s problems. Mike is a greedy moron who jumps at every opportunity to make a fast buck. Mike Arroyo is not solely PGMA’s problem though (of course and by hindsight, the fact that she married Mike several years ago should have brought to fore questions of Gloria’s judgment), it is ours as well. My unsolicited advice to the President: hiwalayan mo na yang si Mike at ipakulong iyan. Save your self. Save this country. Being married to him does not include answering for his sins or covering up for him. In any case, hiwalay na naman talaga kayo at pagkatapos ng 2010, hindi naman kayo magsasama. Iiwan ka naman talaga ni Mike, that’s why nagpa-fund-raising yan. Have pride naman, Madam President.


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