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Luli Arroyo: Walang Modo

Posted by geronimonadal on September 19, 2007

luli2251.jpgAnd to think that I use to look up to Luli Arroyo as the one saving grace in the First Family. Instead of answering the question as to why the First Gentlemen was present during a ZTE-Abalos meeting in Wack-wack, Luli Arroyo launches into an ad hominem attack on Joey de Venecia, i.e. alluding to Joey’s past drug addiction. She used to have class, now she is just one of the Arroyo kids – arrogant, holier-than-thou and too naive to believe that their father (who is undoubtedly the padrino behind a lot of shady deals and corruption in government) can do no wrong. In debate, when one employs an ad hominem attack,i.e. attacking the person of the opponent instead of facing squarely the issues, it only means one thing: you do not have any rebuttal. Well, you know Luli, I would rather have a former drug addict who speaks the truth than you who seems to be so clean on the outside but full of vile and venom in the inside.

It is understandable for Luli to try to defend her father. Perhaps, what she should do is ask her father the truth rather than blindly parroting the line that her father does not interfere with the affairs of government. The only consolation that I have is the thought na hanggang 2010 na lang itong mga ito.


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