Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

Bakit Tila Walang Patid Na Pagnanakaw?

Posted by geronimonadal on September 19, 2007

images.jpegThe whole nation was glued to their TV monitors. Here’s a young man, no less than the son of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, speaking softly and deliberately his truth. He spoke of corruption, of bribery, and of being shocked at the audacity of the First Gentlemen and the COMELEC Chairman to bully him to withdraw from a huge government project. More importantly he spoke of his real intentions: he wants to see some reform in his lifetime or in his son’s lifetime.

In the middle of his stunning revelations, I found myself asking: why is there a seeming frenzy to bag juicy government contracts and get fat commissions quickly? I have long accepted the fact that total eradication of corruption in the Philippines is a long term goal and therefore I am open enough not to be shocked by some degree of corruption in government in the short term, but the present situation is overwhelming. Bakit parang bastusan na ito? A lot of pundits have put in their two cents worth on why there seems to be frenetic activities of corruption today. In my view, the answer might be simpler than those already advanced. Bakit tila walang patid ang mga pagnanakaw? It has been the fodder of rumor mills that Gloria and Mike are actually separated – separated de facto and that they are just waiting for the end of Gloria’s term to formalize it and live their separate (hopefully happy) lives. They have to put on the charade of a happy and intact family. Mahirap maghiwalay ngayon dahil Presidente pa si Gloria. Hindi daw maganda tingnan. Thus, there are two groups operating in Malacanang, each trying to bag separate deals for their respective principals. They know that 2010 is near and their principals need to amass their “retirement benefits”. Whereas in past administrations there was only one King and the rest of the “alipores” had to fight for the crumbs falling from the table, the separation de facto of Mike and Gloria has created a “two-king” scenario (both trying to outdo each other) at pinaghatian na ang mga kalakal ng gobyerno – kay Ma’am ito, kay Mike ito. The domestic problems of Gloria and Mike have monstrous ramifications. The breakdown of their household is threatening to lead to the breakdown of this country. Yan ang haka-haka ko. Sabi nga ni Occam – sa lahat ng mga sagot, ang pinakasimple at payak marahil ang tama.


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