Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

We Need Another Martial Rule

Posted by geronimonadal on September 21, 2007

I am a martial law baby. I was four years old when martial law was declared in the Philippines by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. I can still hum and sing from memory parts of Bagong Lipunan song: “May bagong silang, may bago nang buhay…sa bagong lipunan. Magbabago ang lahat tungo sa pag-unlad. Ating itanghal: Bagong Lipunan.” Whenever I hum and sing said song, I feel a rush of patriotism and pride. I am proud to be a Filipino. No, I will not brush aside the atrocities and the human rights violations commited by the Marcos regime (the irony of it all is that one of the chief implementors of martial rule, Juan Ponce Enrile, is a senator of this Republic) but I will also not swallow hook, line and sinker that Martial Law was totally bad for our country. History is always logical by hindsight and the kind of path Martial Law took in our country was for the worse but in another time and given our learnings, the imposition anew of martial rule might be good for this country. Only this time, martial rule should be used to improve our economy, get rid of monopolies and fight crime. Human rights must be upheld at all times but some freedoms must be limited and regulated, especially the freedom of the press and the freedom of expression. We are an unruly people. We do not follow the law. Blood is thicker than water and everything else (how else do you explain the irrational attacks of Luli Arroyo on the hapless Joey De Venecia just to defend her father? do you see a possibility of Luli Arroyo, if confronted by overwhelming evidence that his father intervened and interfered in government contracts, denouncing his father? no way.) Power is the only currency as much as the Filipino is concerned. Wonder why the Filipino is law-abiding in other countries? Its because he or she has no power and when you are powerless , you better be obedient. Of course, martial law will not be good for our country if Gloria Arroyo is the President. She has lost all credibility and moral highground.


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