Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

Acoustic Jive Rocks!

Posted by geronimonadal on September 22, 2007

I was in the mood for some beer and music last night that I invited my wife to forego our usual Saturday night dinner (spaghetti na naman dear?) and explore the bar scene in Pasig. Our feet brought us to Bagaberde Bar in Pasig where a group called Acoustic Jive was playing. Led by its 2 main vocalists, Romy Jorolan and May Bayot, Acoustic Jive snatched us from what we expected to be the usual, so-so, ordinary gig to a compelling kick-ass musical experience. May’s own unique rendition of Sting’s “Message in a Bottle” and Romy interpretation of U2’s “With or Without You” really brought the house down. Acoustic Jive is one of the hidden jewels in the current band scene. Oozing with talent and originality, I think that it is only a matter of time that they will be discovered. As I was driving back home, I caught myself singing: “I am sending an SOS to the world. I am sending an SOS to the world…” Yes, I think that sums it. I am sending an SOS to the world: Acoustic Jive rocks!


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