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Are Romy Neri and Jun Lozada lovers? (Is this question even relevant at all?)

Posted by geronimonadal on February 16, 2008

images.jpegimages-1.jpegI was watching ABS CBN’s face-off between former COMELEC Chairman Ben Abalos and Rodolfo “Jun”Lozada. Putting aside the inept moderating by Ricky Carandang and Korina Sanchez, the comment of Abalos to Lozada’s assertion as how he continued to go to Wack Wack despite the alleged threat to kill him by Abalos, did not escape me. Abalos asked Jun Lozada: “Ano ba talaga ang relasyon ninyo ni Romy Neri?” Abalos was definitely insinuating something. And in the Philippine context that is not difficult to catch. Was Abalos insinuating that Neri and Lozada are lovers? Is the fear of this relationship made public the reason why Neri is not yet “blowing the whistle” on the truth about the whole NBN ZTE broadband deal?Does the government have the goods on Neri? Do they have proof of Neri’s relationship with Lozada? Is Neri gay and government has threatened to expose him? This observation is shared by others, ABS CBN in fact has written about this:

Malisyoso ang tanong!Aminado si CHEd (Commission on Higher Education) chairman Romulo Neri apektado siya sa paggisa ni Sen. Jamby Madrigal kay Jun Lozada tungkol sa kanyang personal na buhay.Nanindigan din si Neri na Korte Suprema lang ang makakapilit sa kanyang humarap muli sa Senado.Ilang na ilang si Jun Lozada sa mga tanong ni Senator Jamby Madrigal.“Is your relationship with Secretary Neri ay kagaya ng relationship niya with Tom Isaguirre and Roger Estrella?” tanong ni Sen. Madrigal.“Ma’am, ano po I have great, great respect for Sec. Neri, I believe in his reform agendas…” ani Lozada, pero…“Yes or no lang,” giit ni Madrigal.“No po,” sagot ni Lozada.“Hindi po ganyan ka-intimate ang relationship n’yo?” tanong muli ni Madrigal.“Hindi po, purely professional,” ani Lozada.Nasaktan si CHEd chairman Romulo Neri at sinabing malisyoso ang mga tanong tungkol sa relasyon ni Neri sa kanyang mga kaibigan.  

If we were in the United States or Europe, the fear of being exposed as homosexual would not be a factor. But this is the cattolico cerrado Philippines in the 21st century and that is reason enough to keep quiet. Romy, veritas liberabit vos but first it shall make you miserable. Its time for liberation.


One Response to “Are Romy Neri and Jun Lozada lovers? (Is this question even relevant at all?)”

  1. filipina said

    It really is upsetting to see that Korina was very inept in moderating “Harapan”. She missed on several opportunities to give follow up questions to Abalos who was going all over the place with confusing details–perhaps intentionally, to confuse the viewers. Also, Jun was obviously outnumbered by government bigwigs. I feel sorry for the guy and at the same time admire him for his courage. Let’s help Jun with his fight. Mabuhay and Pilipinas.

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