Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

Gloria in hot waters

Posted by geronimonadal on February 17, 2008

While I agree with Mon Casiple’s observation that Jun Lozada has awaken the middle class: 

“Not today. If there is one thing that Jun Lozada did, it was to galvanize the middle class into rethinking their own mindset of political cynicism and passivity. Lozada as the middle class epitome of “everyman” was adopted by them as their own hero. Not an abstract symbol but a breathing, living human exemplar–with all the weaknesses of a human being.    

In fame, he became more accessible to the middle class who showed him their sympathy and empathy–a Teflon-like proofing no telling and re-telling of his “dark” past by the Arroyo family barkers can dent. By their attacks, he became the underdog–a double-proofing that is giving him a 92 percent texted-in support in the “1 against 100 GMA mob” showdown sponsored by a media network.

But the story is not Jun’s–it is the middle class’ own epiphany. Events are now being dictated by the tempo of its own political advance. The specter of another middle class-led people power has arisen. The dramatic street play may or may not come to pass but all political actors are now constrained by the middle class’ political stand.” 

It was not only the middle class that was awaken by Jun Lozada. Apparently, Jun Lozada has also awaken the senses of business and the economic elite to the reality of the excesses and the corruption of the Arroyo administration. This Sunday’s rally was populated by the likes of Ramon del Rosario, Rafael Alunan, Cesar Purisima, Bertie Lim, etc. In fact, its the same Cory Aquino squad together again. This should be a cause of concern for Gloria Arroyo as there might be actual funding for protest rallies in the days ahead. And if the momentum is sustained and catches fire in the provincial areas, Gloria is in real hot waters.


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