Haka-haka ng isang nababagabag na tambay

Please respect Romy Neri’s right to be silent

Posted by geronimonadal on February 19, 2008

images1.jpegTo the all-righteous, all pure of intentions Black and White Movement, pardon me for spoiling your party. While I agree with you that GMA’s administration is corrupt and that the President should resign for the sake of the Filipino nation and while I agree that it might be good for the country if Romy Neri actually “tells all”, I do not agree with the methods and ways you people use the “mass” and or similar religious rituals to harass, intimidate, make a judgments of, bamboozle and pressure Romy Neri and others to “tell the truth”. I do not agree we should offer at the altar of so-called search for truth the right of Romy Neri or any other person to be silent. Not even Manoling Franciso’s (who must have been under tremendous pressure to come up with a bombastic [read: acceptable to the crowd]) homily can erase the fact that “human freedom” and “conscience” (which includes the right to be silent) is supreme and superior even to the so-called “search for truth”. You do not destroy the human person just to get what you want – however “great” or “important” that issue is. While we all seek the truth, we must respect the freedom of the human person to act in whatever way he or she deems right, in this case, to be silent. Otherwise, we will have a situation of the tyranny of the many, the tyranny of the morally arrogant, the “tyranny” of your kind of “morality” – a morality of either you are with us or against us. While we demand for the “truth”, we must also empathically defend Romy Neri’s right remain to silent in accordance to his best lights. It is when we are so eager to sacrifice the human person and human dignity to attain certain political objectives that we become who we loath.


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